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Oil Painting

Thursdays, January 10-February 14
6:30-8:30 pm
(six 2-hour sessions)
Janet Keturi, instructor
Ages 15 & up
minimum students: 6, maximum: 12
CAC member: $85, non-member: $95
Registration deadline: January 3
Learn how to paint with oil paints or enhance the skills you already have. The goal is to learn foundations while building your confidence in painting. This class will help you become an independent and observant painter so you can create your own original art. Bring all of your supplies to the first class. For those with previous experience and are looking for guidance, bring supplies and references to first class (you may bring a larger than 8x10 canvas). We will have a still life set up for you as well. Some previous art instruction is recommended but not required.
The class schedule is as follows:
week 1- mixing paint, values, color and more
week 2- painting the sphere
week 3- painting the cube
week 4- still life
week 5- still life
week 6- to be announced

Material List
-Canvas board 8” x 10” or canvas paper pad (pad recommended for beginners)
-1 box beginners oil paint set (any brand, qty. 12 or less, small tubes, name brand are recommended)
-1 bright (short flat bristles) brush set
-1 bright (short flat bristles) 1.5 ” or  2”brush
-1 flat palette (may need to cover palette. in between sessions)
-1 goose neck (bent) palette knife
-Odorless environmentally safe mineral spirits
-Jar with lid for mineral spirits
-Plastic wrap for covering palette
-Shirt box for transporting your painting to and from class.


Oil Painting from Still Life

Sundays, January 20-March 10
12:30 - 4:30 pm
(eight 4-hour sessions with a break midway)
Michael Villena, instructor
Ages 15 & up
Minimum Students 6, Max. 12
Class Fee: CAC Member - $140, Non-Member - $155
Registration deadline: January 13

This comprehensive course for beginners to intermediate artists will cover the fundamental steps of painting realistic images in oils. Students will complete two paintings by the end of the 8 weeks to achieve two goals: The first is to create an accurate drawing by directly drawing on the canvas using paint and then a grey-toned underpainting by week 3. The second goal is to learn color mixing, paint application and finish glazing by week 8. A more comprehensive syllabus is below.

Material Lists
Paint List for weeks 1-3:
? Titanium White
? Ivory Black
? Raw Umber

Paint List for weeks 4-8:
? Cadmium Yellow Light (or Cadmium Yellow Light Hue)
? Cadmium Red (or Cadmium Red Hue)
? French Ultramarine Blue
? Additional colors may be suggested by instructor based on project needs.

Materials List for both sections:
? Brushes - only long handled Natural Bristle (Flat or Filberts) #4, #6, #8 & #10 will be used in the class.
Buying brushes individually is more expensive than buying a set.  Best value is Dick Blick Masterstroke Filberts set www.dickblick.com/items/05224-9006/  or Dick Blick  Masterstoke Flats set  www.dickblick.com/items/05225-9006/  These bushes are good quality and durable.
? 3/4" diameter hardwood dowel approx. 4 ft long. (Purchased from a hardware store)
? Artist quality Odorless Mineral Spirits or Odorless Turpentine Substitute (traditional Turpentine or Paint Thinner are prohibited)
? Wood Palette or disposable Paper Palate (no plastic palettes)
? Stainless Steel Painting Knife (not plastic)
? 2 or 3 small jars with wide mouths and tight sealing, leak proof lids for cleaning brushes when switching between colors.  Clean and empty baby food jars or salsa jars with tight sealing lids work well.  Another option would be a dedicated brush tank or washer such as Bob Ross Brush Cleaning Bucket www.dickblick.com/products/bob-ross-brush-cleaning-bucket-and-screen/ 
? Clean, white cotton rags.  A bag of small, white cotton rags from auto parts store or old, clean white t-shirts.
? Inexpensive paper towels
? Two 16” x 20” Canvas Boards
? Inexpensive dish washing soap (to clean brushes after use)
? Painting smock or apron (optional)

Monochromatic Underdrawing/Underpainting (weeks 1-3)
? Drawing with a brush, rather than a pencil, measure and transfer measurements to the canvas while keeping observed proportions using the "sight size" approach.
? Observe a demonstration on how to create a monochromatic underdrawing/underpainting using the "wipe out" technique on a toned background.
? How to prepare a "toned" background.
? How to modulate the grey tones by adjusting the paint mixture on the palette and/or wiping out toned areas to represent highlights.

Basics of Color Mixing, Application and Finish Glazing (weeks 4-8)
? Introduction to Color Theory, utilizing the Color Wheel and process of mixing primary and secondary colors to match observed colors.
? Learn the technique of glazing using transparent layers to slowly build up color and color intensities.


Figure Drawing / Open Studio

Tuesdays, January 22-February 26
Time: 7:00-9:00 pm
(six 2-hour sessions)
Ages 18 & up
minimum students: 4, maximum: 10          
CAC member: $50, non-member: $60
Registration deadline: January 15

Artists are invited to draw or paint the figure from a live clothed model. A monitor will direct the model to change poses and provide guidance, if desired. There is no instruction but students are encouraged to seek advice from others in the class. Students must bring their own supplies and materials. Easels will be provided. Students may choose to sign up for the full 6 weeks or choose to drop-in fee $10.00 per class. We need at a minimum of 4 artists signing up for the full eight weeks for this class to take place.


Complex Drawing

Wednesdays, January 23-February 27
6:30-8:30 pm
(six 2-hour sessions)
Bethany Carlson Coffin, instructor
Ages 15 & up
Minimum Students 6, Max. 12
Class Fee: CAC Member: $65, Non-Member: $75
Registration deadline: January 16

This course will cover methods for viewing, rendering, and interpreting complex forms and textures. It will include an examination of contemporary drawing via presentations of current artists, hands on instruction and live demonstration. Students will create two drawings over the course of 6 weeks. Drawings will be made using traditional media (graphite, charcoal, ink) with an emphasis on surfaces, patterns and light.

Material List
a drawing board, charcoal and/or graphite pencils, sticks, and powder.  A carbon pencil or carbon/graphite blend pencil, plenty of erasers (pink, vinyl, mechanical, mini-mechanical, kneaded) different sized blending stumps, chamois low-tack tape paper (something like a Canson Mixed Media or Bristol)

Sign up today
over the phone with Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card or come in during business hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00am - 5:00pm and pay with credit card, cash or check.

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