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“I work in relief in clay, creating a negative mould with found objects that, after I pour plaster into the mould, creates a positive image. The resulting sculpture may have embedded objects in it, and at times I will use welded steel to enhance its appearance.

Styrofoam packing material has become very useful in creating moulds. I would like those who see my sculptures begin to identify and relate to the found objects within the sculptures and form their own story about it. My work sometimes appears as though taken from an archeological dig. You never know what you are going to find hidden within until you go exploring.”

Combining different media such as wood, steel, plaster and plastic is something he is experimenting with. “I am a collector of Stuff ", he says with a grin, “and I can always find different material with which to create sculpture. Material destined for the landfill will find a new life with sculpture I create.”

“I invite the viewer into a dialog with my art. I hope a dialog will challenge them to reach into their lives past and present, to relive their interactions with others, nature and their environment. I strive to reflect both the industrial and natural influences that surround each of us adding to this the forces of time, context and the individual viewers perceptions. It is my intent that each new interaction with my art will give the viewer a new and unique experience.”

Born, raised and educated in central Illinois, Richard attended Illinois Central College in East Peoria majoring in Graphic Arts. It was after a two-year stint with the Navy that his fondness for landscapes began to emerge and his career in the graphic arts began. His fine art creations began with oil painting, followed by acrylic painting, woodblock printing and, most recently, sculpture in Hydrocal and fabricated steel. Taking sculpture classes at The Contemporary Art Center with renowned artist Preston Jackson has been the slingshot for Richard's interest in 3D work and Preston remains an inspiration for him. Richard works with found objects in both his Hydrocal and fabricated steel pieces and delights in creating abstract and surreal sculpture with social implications. Richard works in the graphic arts at a local company and looks forward to retiring and working full time with his art. Richard has studio space at The Contemporary Art Center of Peoria where he is a resident artist and also works in a basement studio of the home he shares with his dog Jasmine. His work can also be seen at the Luthy Botanical Gardens revolving sculpture displays at Glen Oak Park in Peoria.

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